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This online resource provides guidance and tools that can be used by anyone who develops and disseminates suicide-related content.

> Framework for Successful Messaging

> Best practices and recommendations for reporting on suicide

> Reporting Recommendations
This toolkit, generated by extensive consultation with journalists and those with lived experience of suicide attempts and thoughts, contains critical information for all media professionals looking to effectively report on suicide as a topic.


The Suicide Prevention Collaborative of El Paso County (The Collaborative) is committed to partnering with local media organizations to ensure safe messaging for suicide prevention. The role of the Collaborative is to provide up to date information and training material regarding safe messaging to partnering media agencies/organizations. In turn, the role of the partnering media agencies/organizations is to ensure that personnel are trained and knowledgeable in these practices. Participating media partners will be acknowledged by the Collaborative website and social media as: “Community Partners in Safe Messaging for Suicide Prevention.”

Please sign the Suicide Prevention Collaborative of El Paso County’s pledge to: 

  • Report on suicide as a public health issue. 
  • Use appropriate language. Certain phrases and words can further stigmatize suicide, spread myths, and undermine suicide prevention objectives such as “committed suicide” or referring to suicide as “successful,” “unsuccessful” or a “failed attempt.” Instead use, “died by suicide” or “completed” or “killed himself/herself/themself.”  
  • Emphasize help and hope. Stories of recovery through help-seeking and positive coping skills are powerful, especially when they come from people who have experienced suicide risk.  
  • Include resources. Provide information on warning signs of suicide risk as well as hotline and treatment resources.  


The Collaborative is a resource and will be available to provide free technical assistance on safe suicide messaging. Media partners agree to:

  • Employee Onboarding: Employees will be trained in and sign off on Safe Messaging for Suicide Prevention Policy at Hire.
  • Annual Refresher: Employees will be refreshed in Safe Messaging for Suicide Prevention best practices on a yearly basis with an annual sign off on the Safe Messaging for Suicide Prevention Policy.
  • Accountability: Training records for onboarding and refresher trainings are available.
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