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Recent data shows that more residents in El Paso County die by suicide involving a firearm than from homicides and motor vehicle accidents combined. One of the main goals of the Lethal Means Safety Work Group is to reduce the number of suicide deaths by firearm in our county. Our work group is made up of individuals and organizations that are passionate about second amendment rights, firearm safety, and the wellbeing of our neighbors. By respecting the culture and the rights of our citizens who own firearms, we hope to engage them in helping to raise awareness and educate others about the important role gun owners play in preventing these tragedies.

We invite you to take 3 minutes to watch these powerful messages on Firearm Safety and Suicide Prevention from Sheriff Joe Roybal (El Paso County), Police Chief Adrian Vasquez (City of Colorado Springs) and Commander David Hanson (Space Base Delta 1). Please share with your networks. We also welcome your feedback and comments. Thank you.

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Safe storage initiatives for firearms and prescription/illicit drugs will be associated with increased safe storage rate; fewer firearm injuries & fatalities; fewer overdose injuries and fatalities.

It is important to safely and securely store firearms, poisons, medications, and other substances. Because most acute suicidal crises are temporary, putting time and space between an individual and a method of death can be life-saving. If an individual has shared that they are thinking about suicide, learning more about this despair and whether they have a plan and access to means (which might include asphyxiation, self-injury, falling from a height, etc.) can also provide important information on how to keep an environment as safe as possible. And, because lethal means safety does not address the root causes of despair, temporarily securing environments is an important way to ensure that an individual can survive a crisis situation until they are able to receive support.

> Counseling on Access to Lethal Means
A free, self-paced, online course for health care and social services providers.

> Lethal Means and Suicide Prevention (PDF)
A Guide for Community and Industry Leaders

> Lock to Live
Interactive web-based tool to aid in decision-making about temporary strategies for safe storage.

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